rates are non-refundable

My rates cover for my time and companionship only. Other costs such as dinners, flights, accomodation, will be covered by you.  

My rates are in AUD and I accept other forms of currencies. Please make this known to me if needs be. I likewise adore prepaid full sums for the individuals who detest the "exchange" feel of giving over cash.

Whatever else that happens amid our opportunity together is an aftereffect of nonstop, consenting decision between grown-ups of lawful age and isn't to be translated as an authoritative commitment. 


Reveal me


1 Hour $550

1.5 Hours $850

2 Hours $ 1100 (My recommended for 1st time clients.)

3 Hours$ 1650For all 3 + hr bookings, an activity outside the bedroom must be included.

4 Hours $2100

12 Hours $4000

24 Hours $5000


1 Hour $600

1.5 Hours $900

2 Hours $ 1150 (My recommended for 1st time clients.)

3 Hours $1700

4 Hours $2150

12 Hours $4000

24 Hours $5000

"Fly me to you" rates

For "Fly me to You" rates, I fly exclusively to your city for the time and date that suits you.


4 hour lunch/ dinner, drinks and playtime | split evenly | $1500

12 hour overnight | $4500

24 hour overnight | $6000

For numerous evenings and broadened trips please enquire.


Remember that if the date is longer than 12 hours, a date of 3 days least is required.

1 day of travelling, 2 nights of relaxation | $9000

(Must include business or first class seat)


I love to travel as we all do, particularly with an extraordinary individual who will spoil me. The following are some of my most loved cities/areas, places I've lived, or places that I would like to visit. Nevertheless, I am available to travelling to most destinations.

Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Vienna, Paris, Amalfi coast, Luxembourg, Helsinki, Prague, Berlin, Moscow, Miami, Toronto, Singapore, Florence, Milan, New York, London, Los Angeles, Monaco, Nice, Tokyo, Seoul,