Are you lost for how you want to spend the date besides caressing this beautiful body? 



What do I eat?

I love trying new cuisines but my some of my go to favourites would be Italian, French (roast duck & escargot), & Italian cuisine (if it isn't obvious by now those who follow my twitter), and "Australian/European" food. At the same time, I eat anything from Chinese, Thai, Lebanese/Arabic, Indian (when the rice is cooked properly). I have a new respect for Afghan food however it's hard to acquire good Afghan restaurants here in this ghost town, Perth. I love a good cafe, proudly, there are many to chose from here in Australia so take your pick. I do not have any allergies and would consider myself adventurous not only in the bedroom. 

I often get asked "What snacks can we enjoy together?" Snacks of choice: cheese (matured) and crackers of course. Favourite desserts, profiteroles, sponge cake, anything with nuts and chocolate (milk or white) basically. Not a macaroon type of girl although they make for a good photo. 

I am a big espresso consumer and will concede, an espresso braggart as well. Cappuccino, hot and not too burnt is my go to. If you're wanting to go on a coffee date, do note this. Not asking you to arrive with a bag of coffee beans. Well, that being said, I have a good Italian coffee maker at home so that could be a gift.

Alcohol, well, of course being Australian I love a good wine. Entirely depends on my mood and what/if we are eating. Chardonnay is my favourite, pinot grigio comes second. I can take a good red. If you want to make my heart skip a beat, spoil me with a bottle of prosecco or champagne. Those who know me will know all I need is a bottle of champagne, some music and I'm a happy girl. I have been told that I have good rhythm so I would advise some music.