My patronage 

Having lived in 4 different continents, I've been exposed to different people. Race, ethnicity, religions, sexual introductions are not pertinent to my choice to see you. A friendly and straightforward enquiry will dependably get more consideration and care than one that is unmistakably insufficient. Impolite or abusive enquiries will be overlooked. Politeness has always been a trait I find very attractive. 

Screening & deposits 

Screening is what makes me feel comfortable enough to allow you into my personal space. I'm undeniably quite cut-throat about screening. It makes me more excited to see clients I know at least a little bit about. Mystery can be nice but not knowing a single detail about someone is not only unwelcoming but scary. Keeping in mind the end goal to completely secure your date, I would require a deposit ahead of time. Discreet ways of deposit will be given to you. I am also open to prepayments in full. The deposit differs depending on the booking. Tours, Fly Me To you all hold different percentages. 


Topping off my contact frame does not promise you a date, you have basically asked for that I put aside my opportunity to meet you at a date and time of your inclination. Rest assured, my conviction is always to reply to you within 24-48 hours. 


Other nifty things you can do 

 Take advantage of pre booking with me if you do not have a set date in mind.