Bonjour, my name is Bella and I'm your blonde, petite and ethereal magnificence that you're searching for. I'm here to fulfil you with a flawless, adoring and honest to goodness GFE encounter that I know I can furnish with full certainty. 

A smidgen about me, I have lived in 4 unique continents and unfathomably keen, liberal and conscious of various strolls of life. You will find that I'm mature as a result which I believe is an asset in this industry. I went to all girls private school in the “golden triangle” of Perth, attended two international schools growing up and currently a University student. As young girl I was signed to Chadwick modelling agency and did a few shoots. I have “hair modelled” for a few companies. I played ballet for 7 years and fairly flexible, learnt how to ski at age 5 (yet to snowboard) was a decent 100m sprinter and loved playing netball. 

I can guarantee you that there is only truth in what you have perused. Whilst I love engaging with clients, there are limits and those boundaries need to be respected and vice versa. I draw in with respectable men who basically need to make the most of their opportunity with me and frame a decent affinity. I understand that any sexual experience can sometimes be cumbersome, therefore facilitating a client with a good chat can facilitate any vulnerability. You will find that I'm a good listener, talker and can unhesitatingly speak about a ray of topics. You may be pleasantly surprised that according to others, I have a dry sense of humour. What we do together and what is spoken about it simply confidential. My attention is on satisfying you with something that surpasses your desires. My goal is to make sure you enjoy your time with me.


  • your arrival

    Private and discreet welcoming, I always do my best to make you feel instantly welcomed.

  • take care

    A kiss and hug goodbye. Till we meet again.