Bella Laroue

Luxury escort, where pure connection inspires everything I do. Internationally travelled, lived in 4 continents, articulate and caring. 

WELCOME TO bella laroue.  

Your personal retreat located in Perth Western Australia. It is one-of-a-kind, naturally. My commitment to sustainability reaches even the smallest detail and you won't want to miss the opportunity of spending some time with me. For a quiet reprieve from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by natural beauty and calming energy of Bella Laroue. 


Thoughtful touches and recharge.




What you need to know:


Largely based in Perth but always jet setting somewhere. 

1996 born


Height 5'5

Size 6 shoe

18 waist, 31inch hips and 23inch bust

Naturally long blonde hair 

Sultry Green/blue/grey eyes with long lashes to match





My looks

Australia's luxury companion, your private princess and sensual lady-love. 

Fair skin, with strands of long blonde shiny hair escaping from the back of the neck. A golden sheen that catches the light charmingly. Dainty features, a sweet mouth with a sly meaningful smile and a mischievous twinkle in the most extraordinary blue/grey eyes. Lushly lashed, lovely beyond measure. Exquisite naked form outlined by the golden flicker of fire - beautiful face and a sleek column throat; flat stomach. Firm breasts with taut pink nipples, beautiful upturned breasts hardly move as eyes follow the swish of my skirt, elegant legs and toned body begin to inflame him once again. Medium height for a woman.

My vision 

Awesome spots are characterized by their snapshots of pure connection. Mind blowing areas where we manufacture connections just to stay that little bit longer. For me, interconnection makes the place. It's what we recollect wherever we go. It's not what we do but rather who you meet. In the wake of living in such a significant number of places, venturing to the far corners of the planet, embracing new cultures, these components brought me to make another approach to build up a presence that feels like welcoming and understanding for everyone. Acquiring the outside world with a powerful urge to surpass ones desires, services that are unparalleled and ways of doing business together. Making a place where the encompassing scene flawlessly spills out of the entryway into down the hallway then to the bedroom. With Bella Laroue, I seek to comprehend the mind boggling connection amongst individuals and a place and make it the directing power of all that I do.





What will you do with your #bellalaroue? I've got you covered with indulging in a selection of holistic services meant to nurture the mind, body and spirit, based on a heartfelt connection with each other. 

the ultimate guru

Taking care of you.
Be it a dinner together on the beach or enjoying some champagne together in privacy, your Personal Guru is there to take care of you. Why should you pick me? Elegant, beauty and common sense. 



The gentlemen

Whilst I love engaging with clients, there are limits and those boundaries need to be respected and vice versa. I just draw in with respectable men who basically need to make the most of their opportunity with me and frame a decent affinity. What we do together and what is spoken about it simply confidential. I'm an attentive and private young lady and I think this is a decent credit to prevail in this business as it can frequently be exceptionally catty. I do not like to talk badly about other clients or escorts. My attention is on satisfying you with something that surpasses your desires. There are only a few requirements that I expect, respect and basic cleanliness. What I mean by respect, is respecting my time just like I do with you, no abuse or anything that would make one feel uncomfortable. I anticipate that my clients will land with essential cleanliness as I do with you. I will dependably leave something that is unfavourable to my wellbeing. It's cliche but treat people who you would like to be treated. 


Why personal hygiene is so important..

  • Scrub down/shower, even two if fundamental (stacking on the cologne/fragrance doesn't supplant water and soap)

  • Wear antiperspirant and re-apply if needs be

    In spite of the fact that it's pleasant to give your own pheromones a chance to sparkle when the time is correct, it's likewise decent to have a kind of mark aroma. You will find that I wear quality perfume, nothing too tawdry or strong. I expect the same from you.

  • Wash your hair with the right products. I am a great believer in using high quality hair and body products. It makes a huge difference. 


Most customers are nice and effectively driven that they are getting the administrations that they paid for. In any case, regardless of how much exertion you put into a few appointments  nothing will fulfill a few customers. This is not my responsibility. Behaviour is something utilized each day to establish a decent connection on others and to like oneself. Regardless of where you are - at home, work, or with companions - rehearsing great conduct is imperative. Being well mannered and considerate means considering how others are feeling. Harassment or stalker behaviour is a big no no, a complete blow of trust and it is also a criminal offence. I entrust you to treat me with respect so I do the expect the same. 

Please hand over the donations as soon as possible to avoid the awkward question. I will politely ask if I can count this in front of you. If we are in public, I will discretely do this. It's probably a good idea to have it in an envelope or any thoughtful way.